Romans Pizza Menu PDF

Romans Pizza Menu PDF (2024)

Romans Pizza Menu PDF


Are you craving some mouthwatering pizza? Look no further! Welcome to Romans Pizza, where we take pride in serving you the most delectable pizzas in town. In this article, we’ll present our extensive menu and a convenient option to access the Romans Pizza Menu PDF.

Romans Pizza Menu


Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer eager to explore our offerings, you’re in for a treat! Let’s dive in and discover the irresistible choices that await you at Romans Pizza.

Romans Pizza Menu Prices

Here’s an overview of the Roman Pizza menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu Item Price (R)

Value Range

Hawaiian (small) 28.90
Hawaiian (2 x small) 57.90
Hawaiian (2 x medium) 90.90
Hawaiian (2 x large) 129.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (small) 28.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (2 x small) 57.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (2 x medium) 90.90
Pepperoni Deluxe (2 x large) 129.90
Tropical (small) 28.90
Tropical (2 x small) 57.90
Tropical (2 x medium) 90.90
Tropical (2 x large) 129.90
Vegetarian (small) 28.90
Vegetarian (2 x small) 57.90
Vegetarian (2 x medium) 90.90
Vegetarian (2 x large) 129.90
Regina (small) 28.90
Regina (2 x small) 57.90
Regina (2 x medium) 90.90
Regina (2 x large) 129.90
BBQ Chickelicious (small) 21.90
BBQ Chickelicious (2 x small) 57.90
BBQ Chickelicious (2 x medium) 90.90
BBQ Chickelicious (2 x large) 129.90
Triple Cheese (small) 28.90
Triple Cheese (2 x small) 57.90
Triple Cheese (2 x medium) 90.90
Triple Cheese (2 x large) 129.90

Rumbling Pizzas

Classic Cheese (small) 19.90
Classic Cheese (2 x small) 39.80
Classic Cheese (2 x medium) 70.90
Classic Cheese (2 x large) 118.90
Margherita (small) 21.90
Margherita (2 x small) 43.90
Margherita (2 x medium) 70.90
Margherita (2 x large) 118.90

Grumbling Pizzas

Greek (small) 28.90
Greek (2 x small) 57.90
Greek (2 x medium) 101.90
Greek (2 x large) 154.90
Tangy Russian (small) 28.90
Tangy Russian (2 x small) 57.90
Tangy Russian (2 x medium) 101.90
Tangy Russian (2 x large) 154.90
Bacon Supreme (small) 28.90
Bacon Supreme (2 x small) 57.90
Bacon Supreme (2 x medium) 101.90
Bacon Supreme (2 x large) 154.90
Hot One (small) 28.90
Hot One (2 x small) 57.90
Hot One (2 x medium) 101.90
Hot One (2 x large) 154.90
Bolognese (small) 28.90
Bolognese (2 x small) 57.90
Bolognese (2 x medium) 101.90
Bolognese (2 x large) 154.90

Famished Pizzas

Fetaroni (small) 31.90
Fetaroni (2 x small) 63.90
Fetaroni (2 x medium) 113.90
Fetaroni (2 x large) 165.90
Supreme (small) 31.90
Supreme (2 x small) 63.90
Supreme (2 x medium) 113.90
Supreme (2 x large) 165.90
Four In One (small) 31.90
Four In One (2 x small) 63.90
Four In One (2 x medium) 113.90
Four In One (2 x large) 165.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (small) 31.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (2 x small) 63.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (2 x medium) 113.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom (2 x large) 165.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (small) 31.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (2 x small) 63.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (2 x medium) 113.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple (2 x large) 165.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (small) 31.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (2 x small) 63.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (2 x medium) 113.90
BBQ Chicken Supreme (2 x large) 165.90
Peri Peri Chicken (small) 31.90
Peri Peri Chicken (2 x small) 63.90
Peri Peri Chicken (2 x medium) 113.90
Peri Peri Chicken (2 x large) 165.90

Ravenous Pizzas

Chick’ N Mayo (small) 31.90
Chick’ N Mayo (2 x small) 63.90
Chick’ N Mayo (2 x medium) 119.90
Chick’ N Mayo (2 x large) 182.90
BBQ Spare Ribs and mushroom (small) 31.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Mushroom (2 x small) 63.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Mushroom (2 x medium) 119.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Mushroom (2 x large) 182.90
BBQ Spare Ribs and pineapple (small) 31.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Pineapple (2 x small) 63.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Pineapple (2 x medium) 119.90
BBQ Spare Ribs & Pineapple (2 x large) 182.90
Seafood (small) 31.90
Seafood (2 x small) 63.90
Seafood (2 x medium) 119.90
Seafood (2 x large) 182.90
Quattro (small) 31.90
Quattro (2 x small) 63.90
Quattro (2 x medium) 119.90
Quattro (2 x large) 182.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (small) 31.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (2 x small) 63.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (2 x medium) 119.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (2 x large) 182.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (small) 31.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (2 x small) 63.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (2 x medium) 119.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta (2 x large) 182.90

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What Makes Our Pizza Special?

Before we delve into the compelling menu options, let’s take a moment to appreciate what sets our pizza apart.

At Romans Pizza, we believe in using only the freshest, finest ingredients to craft each pizza with love and passion.

Our dough is hand-kneaded daily, creating a perfect base for our signature tomato sauce, made from ripe, sun-kissed tomatoes.

Topped with a plentiful layer of mouthwatering mozzarella cheese and various premium toppings, our pizzas are baked to perfection in our traditional stone ovens, ensuring every slice is a slice of heaven.

Exploring the Romans Pizza Menu

Are you ready to embark on a culinary event? Our menu offers a diverse range of pizza choices to satisfy every palate. From classic favorites to innovative combinations, we have something for everyone.

Romans Classic Pizzas

Romans Pizza Special

Roman’s Classic Pizzas offers a delectable journey to the heart of Italy through its authentic flavors. With a rich history rooted in ancient Roman traditions, these pizzas boast thin, crispy crusts topped with the freshest ingredients. Whether you savor the simplicity of a Margherita or indulge in the boldness of a Quattro Formaggi, each bite transports you to the cobblestone streets of Rome.

  • Margherita – A traditional Italian delight featuring tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, new basil, and a drizzle of olive oil.
  • Pepperoni Passion – Indulge in the perfect harmony of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and zesty pepperoni slices.
  • Veggie Supreme – This pizza boasts colorful and flavorful vegetables, including bell peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms, and more for our vegetarian friends!

Gourmet Pizzas

We are calling all adventurers! If you want to explore bold and unique flavors, our gourmet pizzas will surely delight your taste buds.

+ BBQ Chicken Feast

This delightful feast is created by succulent grilled chicken, tangy BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

+ Mediterranean Delight

Escape to the Mediterranean with this exquisite pizza topped with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, and a sprinkle of oregano.

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Create Your Own

Unleash your creativity by building your dream pizza! With a vast array of toppings, sauces, and cheeses to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Make it as unique as you are!

Accessing the Romans Pizza Menu PDF

To make your ordering experience even more convenient, we offer a downloadable Romans Pizza Menu PDF. Visit our website, and you’ll find the link to download the PDF understanding of our menu. Having the menu on hand lets you browse our offerings at your leisure, plan your order, and share the excitement with friends and family.

The Joy of Pizza Delivery

Can’t make it to our restaurant? No worries! We understand the joy of savoring delicious pizza in the comfort of your own home. Romans Pizza offers prompt and reliable delivery services, ensuring your pizza arrives hot and fresh at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Romans Pizza suitable for vegetarians?

A: Absolutely! We have many vegetarian pizzas to cater to our vegetarian customers’ preferences.

Q: Can I customize the toppings on my pizza?

A: Certainly! Our “Create Your Own” option lets you personalize your pizza with your favorite toppings.

Q: How can I place a pizza delivery order?

A: Placing a delivery order is a breeze! You can order through our website or call our hotline; we’ll cover the rest.

Q: Are there any discounts or upgrades available?

Yes, we regularly offer exciting discounts and promotions. Protect our website and social media channels for the latest deals.

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